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Engaged Franchisees

Are your franchisees taking active responsibility and participating at their highest level? Get the answers with Ascend’s unique, confidential survey tool. Then take the right action to unleash the power of your franchise partners

Project: ENGAGE


Elevated Operations

Your franchisees’ skills and training in sales, operations and customer service is the strongest driver of whether they are at the top or bottom of your performance ranking. Let's see how far they can go with the right training.

Project: EQUIP


Expanding Revenues

Leaving the local marketing decisions in the hands of your franchisees is a big risk. Our team creates user-focused web experiences, results-driven search engine strategies and impactful social media campaigns that will drive your units’ revenue performance.

Project: F.U.E.L.


Attracting Candidates

Bring your recruitment strategy and execution into alignment with the buying journey expectations of your Millenial and Gen-Y candidates. This multi-faceted project covers candidate qualification, sales funnel, web presence and sales training.

Project: F.A.S.T.


Converting to Franchising

The Franchisor Blueprint is your guide planning your "franchise conversion" journey. This will take your business to the next level of accelerated growth and help you avoid the hidden pitfalls.



Transforming Leadership

Running a growing franchise places increasing demands on the shoulders of the franchisor that far exceeds what was required of them when they operated a single location. Ascend has a talented coaches to assist your personal path to growth.


Digital Platforms


Candidate Qualification

With this online survey tool you can effortlessly score each candidate to predict how well they will actually perform if awarded a franchise. You receive 3 performance predictor scores that covers operations, revenue and their head office relationship.

Product: The FranchiZe Predictor


Social Media Empowerment

Franchise brands with multiple locations use Rallio to engage customers, drive traffic and increase revenue at the local level.  

Product: Rallio


The Ascend Team


Marietta Snetsinger

Founder / Principal

Marietta’s passion is to help entrepreneurs to see their business expansion ambitions come to life. She has hustled on the inside at M+M Food Market and Baskin Robbins and is a proven catalyst for change and renewal alongside dozens of emerging franchises.


Tel: (519) 212 0309


Brett Johnson


Brett is an architect of change that truly matters. He has designed and deployed digital platforms for over 20 franchise enterprises to empower them to elevate their game in development, financials, consumer CRM, field audits, training and collaboration.

Tel: (647) 991 9090


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